Bali Deaf Village Bengkala

Kata Kolok (literally “deaf talk”), also known as Bengkala Sign Language and Balinese Sign Language, is a village sign language which is indigenous to two neighbouring villages in northern Bali, Indonesia. The main village, Bengkala, has had high incidences of deafness for over seven generations. Notwithstanding the biological time depth of the recessive mutation that causes deafness, the first substantial cohort of deaf signers did not occur until five generations ago, and this event marks the emergence of Kata Kolok. The sign language has been acquired by at least five generations of deaf. You can visiting to deaf people in Village, want knows how people live in house and jobs. Drive from Kuta to Bengkala Village is about 3 hours.

Fares for the trip to Deaf Village in Bengkala